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Safety System


TLT facility is equipped with a high tech security safety system in order to guarantee a safe environment at our kindergarten. The security system includes:

  1. Doorbell with an intercom system at the front door.
  2. Electric door to control interior door access.
  3. Door closers.
  4. Access control system and contactless keycards.

Access control system and contactless keycards

Our access control system allows control outside access into the school. This technology is connected to the main computer in the school allowing us to monitor who enters and exits the school. We are also able to keep attendance and time records. If a card is lost or stolen we can deactivate the card instantly from our main computer.

The main gate remains closed to the public, but key cards are distributed to school staff and parents. Enrolled parents can present their cards and enter the main gate. If the doorbell rings, the staff know it is someone not enrolled in the school.

The access card has the ability to read from inside a pocket, billfold or purse as long as the user gets the card within 5 centimeters from the card reader.

TLT Security System

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