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Parents' Opinions / Testimonials


The Learning Tree Kindergarten has been such a great experience for our children and for us. Our son has attended TLT for nearly 3 years and our daughter for 1 year. When we first arrived, we looked at several kindergartens but after visiting TLT we knew the one we wanted to send our son to.
Josmar, the Principal, was so warm, friendly and understanding and I believe that it is her kind attitude that inspires the students and teachers.
The teachers all exhibit the same qualities and the school has a loving, caring environment. Our children have been so happy at TLT and made many wonderful friends. Academically, we have been extremely impressed. The teachers are all very educated and we are constantly astounded by what our children have learnt which has been taught in a fun, unpressured environment. Regardless of the school's size, there is always a wide variety of field trips and activities planned by its enthusiastic teachers.
We absolutely recommend The Learning Tree to any parent who is looking for an excellent kindergarten with a fun and caring atmosphere.

 ---Felicity and Wade Stanton
Parents of Archie,5 and Lulu,2

When we realized that it was time for us to leave Croatia, one of the hardest parts was to leave TLT Kindergarten. Our daughter really loved going there. We enrolled her when she was 2 years old and during her 1,5 years in TLT she developed so much. In the beginning she didn't know any English but eventually it came to her and when we left, she almost spoke fluently. It was fantastic to see her making progress in so many areas, and this thanks to the fantastic teachers at TLT Kindergarten. They are all so kind and professional, creative and encouraging. We really loved the warm and welcoming atmosphere at TLT. Too bad we had to leave, we miss you big time! Thanks for a fantastic time!

 ---Martina and Mathias Jakobssonn
Parents of Svea,3

TLT Kindergarten had given us so many wonderful memories when we lived in Zagreb. Our son (Baobao) grew up from 3 to 6 years old in TLT. TLT made him be happy and confident. He loved going to school every day. Not only did he study lots of knowledge about Math, English, Science and skill of Sports and Arts, but also he was built good characters, habits and manners. Besides daily school life, the principal and school staff organized many kinds of extra-classes, meaningful field trip, theme pajama rama, awesome birthday party and so on. Children studied easily and quickly from these interesting activities when they were playing with teachers and friends. In this international kindergarten, teachers focus on everyone wherever you are from. They showed the global cultures to all of children. Let them recognize his friends’ counties while they know their own countries. Thank you TLT!
We love TLT!

 ---Miona and Shunqing Bao
Parents of Baobao,6

When we arrived in Zagreb one year ago, our 3-year-old son Axel joined TLT International Kindergarten. He did not speak any English at that time and had just been spending a few months in a public school in France. We therefore feared that the transition would be hard to handle for him, but it turned out to be the exact opposite. TLT teachers proved to have a great ability to make our child feel comfortable in his new environment and happy with his new friends. They showed a lot of patience towards his inability to communicate properly during his first months.
TLT staff always appeared to us as being extremely loving and caring with the children, and at the same time there is no doubt that they also teach them to follow the fundamental rules of social interaction, such as respecting teachers and other children, sharing books and toys, helping with the various everyday-tasks, etc.
TLT teachers and principal always keep us informed about both positive and negative aspects of our child's behavior at school. They do it in a very honest and positive way, and this helps us to minimize possible contradictions between home and school and therefore creates a coherent environment for our son.
Of course love for the children and good communication with the parents are important, but they are not all. There also is education.
On that aspect we are also very satisfied with TLT. Our child seems to be learning a lot but always in a playful, exciting and natural manner. And the homework he brings from school allow us to participate on his education.
We would definitely recommend TLT to any parent.

 ---Caroline and Nicolas Freih
Parents of Axel,5 and Olivia,3

September was a very lucky month for us... We've found a wonderful, safe and friendly place for Luca to spend his mornings, to play, to learn, to find his first real friends; TLT KINDERGARTEN!
The changes that Luca shows during this period are wonderful and that was what he really needed; to be with other kids and to learn new things in a new beautiful environment... And for us as parents is always so nice to bring and pick up Luca because you are so kind and Super ‘’tete’’ (teachers)! :)..
But there is one thing that wins over everything else: Luca is happy and he is looking forward every morning to be in TLT!!! :) And for us that's the most important thing!
Dear TLT, just stay as you are! Thank you!!

 ---Ana and Francesco Banchi
Parents of Luca, 3

It’s Saturday morning- one of the rare days of the week the family could get some sleep. Yet, our almost 6-year-old son Filip is awake at 7.30, comes to me and asks: “Mom, why there is no school today? How long is the weekend going to be? How many days before I go to TLT again?” For us, this is the best and the most genuine evidence that he really enjoys TLT and loves his friends and teachers.
After moving to Zagreb, choosing the right preschool for our son was one of the toughest challenges. Yet, it turned out that TLT was the right place. Filip didn’t expirience any transition anxiety at all and was able to became a part of the community in a few days. Since September, we have been following with enthusiasm his progress in many areas, in particular, in writing, reading and counting. But, even more importantly, we as parents can see and feel every single day that at TLT Filip is playing and developing in a friendly, open-minded, creative and positive environment
Overall, TLT has been one of the best parts of our entire experience of moving to Zagreb. We’ll miss it a lot next year when he starts school.
Thank you, TLT!

 ---Ines Vrenko Peruško
Mom of Filip, 6

TLT has been the very best part of living in Zagreb. Both my children have thrived - both socially and academically - and love going to school every day. The principal always organizes wonderful field trips, events, and celebrations tied to the curriculum and the teaching is superior to any other preschool we've attended. I appreciate that the curriculum not only covers reading, math, and art but also science, geography, and music even for the Acorn class. The teachers are kind, professional, and passionate about teaching. The summer camp is wonderful as well and my children have enjoyed spending the summer in a familiar atmosphere and outside in the lovely garden. Best of all is the school's close-knit, family-like atmosphere, and the individual attention each child receives.
We love TLT!

 ---Shann Fountain Culo
Mom of Noemi 5 and Andre, 3

I am happy with TLT for my children basically for two reasons: 1) my children are happy and loved 2) the ratio between number of children and number of teachers is excellent! I equally appreciate the cordial and warm-hearted way of the teachers dealing with the children. That gives me the feeling that my children are in a safe place where they also feel welcome.

 ---Barbara Banki
Mom of Laura, 3 and Julie, 5

We are very pleased with TLT and the progress our child has made with her English and social skills.
The staff has always been extremely helpful; often our child comes home saying how much she likes her teachers (and her dear friends, of course).
We would not hesitate recommending TLT to any parent looking for a mentally and spiritually nurturing environment.

 ---Ivana and Steve Petrović
Parents of Alka, 4

Being a parent means that you have to make decisions about your child’s future. Some decisions are more difficult to make than others and some decisions, like choosing a school, are like long-term investments. When we enrolled our daughter Laura in The Learning Tree Kindergarten, we followed our feelings, it felt so good. Now 9 month later we are every day again, very happy that we made the decision to bring our daughter to The Learning Tree Kindergarten. She loves it there and we are thrilled with the program and with the teacher’s attitudes. We are convinced it is the best kindergarten in Zagreb. Thank you teachers!

 ---Boudewijn Grütters
Father of Laura,5

In six years, we have had our children in and out of five preschools and visited many more. We were looking for the right mix of a challenging program, warm atmosphere, and communicative teachers/administrators. The Learning Tree has turned out to be that kind of preschool. Unfortunately, it only opened in our last year here in Zagreb. At TLT, our daughter has blossomed socially and academically under the caring and patient tutelage of Josmar and Silvana. In addition to the creative, hands on curriculum, the school offers Spanish language, physical education, music appreciation, and promotes the awareness of people with disabilities. The bottom line is this: our daughter loves the school and looks forward to each day with her teachers and friends. That’s the best endorsement for any school!

---Liz Beck
Mother of Tona,4

At TLT our child can feed fishes and canaries, see tadpoles turn into frogs, build a bird feeder, learn Sign Language, ABCs and 123s, how to tie a shoe or button a sweater, but also how easy is to share, how to be patient, how important the friends are, how to care for self, others and environment.
After 2,5 years of frustrating and miserable mornings filled with tears, while dropping her off at another school, at TLT we finally achieved our primary (and only) goal: our child is happy and just LOVES to go to school! We thank Josmar and Silvana from the bottom of our hearts for helping our daughter to build self confidence and independence, and for doing such a great job teaching her to be prepared to step out into the big world."

--Sanja Magic
Mother of Alba,5

TLT is a very caring and stimulating environment and my daughter enjoys so much going to school that she does not want to leave when it is it time to go home in the afternoon. I have already recommended the school to other people because of the professional and loving attitude of all the staff and above all, because my daughter is learning a great deal having a lot of fun at the same time.

-- Emanuela Pace
Mother of Eleonora,3

Before enrolling my 4-year-old at TLT, I was concerned that she had trouble learning. TLT has provided a stimulating environment and sense of structure that has both enhanced my daughter’s social skills and her desire to learn.

-- Tonya Dwehla
Mother of Danielle,4

The “hands-on” creative activities have been wonderful at the Learning Tree. My daughter has learned about a broad variety of things in nature, the arts, science and culture. She loves going to school, and that speaks loudest of all. Her teachers are warm and very caring about each child’s individual needs.

-- Micah Rigler
Mother of Rachel,3
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